If you have made it to this page, it means that you are aware of the advantages that process modelling and simulation can do for your projects and processes.

Whether you are looking to optimize throughput, improve product quality, or reduce waste and energy consumption. Process modeling and simulations can aid you in achieving these goals. Whether it is in batch or continuous operation, your entire process, or just a part of it, the process modelling and simulation experts at ChemXpro will help.

Packages we have experience with:

  • Aspen (www.aspentech.com )
    • Plus
    • Properties
    • Icarus (economic assessment)
    • Hysis
    • Design & rating (heat exchanger design)
    • Batch Modeller
  • Pro/II
  • PetroSim
  • AFT Fathom (fluid dynamics simulation)
  • HTRI (process heat transfer and heat exchange)

We are also big fans of Mobatec Modeller (www.mobatec.nl) for its comprehensiveness combined with the ability to reduce modelling time, its ease of use, and compatibility with other modelling software.