Our places

What do a distillery, a web designer, tattoo studio, and Chemxpro have in common? All are or have been located at a special locations with rich history: Genbroek’s Castle & Villa Zeist.

If you think we are snobs because we work from a castle and a villa, you could not have been further from the truth. It may all look very posh, but we are definitely not. Of course, you will be amazed (like us). Amazed about the buildings and our collection of real elements displayed in the periodic table. (We are still looking for Technetium, Thorium and Uranium samples. Any help is welcome;-)).

We do not expect you to arrive in a three-piece suit. You are just as welcome when you wear sandals and a Hawaii shirt or anything in between.


Kasteel Genbroekstraat 18,

6191 KT Beek, the Netherlands


Utrechtseweg 82,

3702 AD Zeist, the Netherlands

It is about you

Our code: Be as you are

We want you to be yourself just as we are; down to earth, informal, respectful, and with room for some fun.

Meet or work elsewhere else? We are flexible, We work mostly with our clients on site and allow working from home. In addition; we have access to a wide network of working and meeting locations all over The Netherlands (some even greater than our own)

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