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“Limited Edition” Lego Set Integrated Chemical Recycling Plant


Unveil the marvel of sustainable engineering with the LEGO® ChemXpro Chemical Recycling Plant. This groundbreaking model, meticulously crafted from original LEGO® bricks, represents the pinnacle of innovative design in the realm of chemical recycling. Powered by the advanced ChemXpro technology, it’s not just a toy but a beacon of environmental responsibility and educational value. Ideal for enthusiasts and eco-conscious minds alike, it offers a hands-on experience in understanding the complexities and solutions within the recycling industry. Dive into a world where sustainability meets creativity with this extraordinary LEGO® set.

Box sizes: 40x40x9,8 cm
Number of boxes: 2 (box 1/2 & 2/2)
Including: how to build instruction book
Number of bricks: 2555

Please note: all boxes are custom made and handpicked. Brick colors can differ.