Emerald ChemXpro at the Asian games


The Asian Games taking full fledge and guess what: ChemXpro is there too!

ChemXpro Emerald, the horse being trained by Ilse Van Cranenbroek for more that 10 years, -going from toddler to Grand Prix- participated in the Asian Games on behalf and part of Team India and guess what?
Training the rider, Hriday Chedda for more than one year, teaching all the skills and tricks, worked out.

Winning the Gold medal ????????????!! So proud on ChemXpro Emmie, Ilse & Team India.

ChemXpro & Ilse..a positive attitude, a strong will, good work ethic, humbleness and overall craftsmanship to succeed realized this result. It is this attitude that is the foundation ChemXpro…Both the horse as well as the company 😉

Next Wednesday, ChemXpro Emerald will return to his home stable in The Netherlands being reunited with us again.